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We create people with skill and attitude

LBSTC has been under the Management of the Manav Kalyan Avom Vikas Sanstha. LBSTC is established to harness and guide the productive capacity of youth by generating mass scale employment in the field of information technology through its wide spread national network & a wide range of employment oriented training programs. The institute offers a number of technical & vocational courses in different fields.

The LBSTC courses are designed to blend practice with theory and provide skill and concepts needed to keep the career on fast. The institute has a team of thoroughly trained and highly experienced faculty is committed to provide the best inputs in terms of guidance and support. The aim of the institute is to grow rapidly by establishing a strong tradition of high quality, reliability and cost-effective software education with the ultimate aim of customer satisfaction.

LBSTC is a platform for the students where their dreams come true.

The Primary Roles of LBSTC are:-

  • To educate a large number of youth in a wide network of training centre’s.

  • To provide employment opportunities to the youth.

Courses Assessment
Interested trainers can visit their nearest Trainers will be thoroughly
Training centre’s to select a course of their choice. Assessed through collaborative
Certification Employment
Trainers who clear the assessment successfully Will be certified certified trainers will be provided with employment opportunities.


Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Centre has announced for free admissions under PMKVY in various sectors. All LBSTC branches has approved by PMKVY & DGET